On-Site Crematory

Smith & Kernke is a licensed crematorium, and rites are performed under the American Society for Dignified Cremations trademark. Our concern about proper cremation procedures led us to establish our own crematory. We are pleased to set up a personal visit to our crematory where we observe strict procedures ensuring the highest level of legal and ethical standards. If you compare our staff, procedures, prices and reputation for excellence, you will conclude we offer unsurpassed quality, value, and peace of mind. When Smith & Kernke is called, you will speak with one of our funeral directors or associates 24-hours a day. Upon a death, your loved one is received into our care by one of our associates and remains in our care at our North May facility where our crematory is located. Our facilities are able to accommodate those who wish to be present for the start of the cremation process.

There are many different opinions within the faith community in regard to cremation. For instance, if the deceased is Jewish, Christian Orthodox, or Muslim, cremation is usually not the form of final disposition. In the Catholic Church, cremation is accepted; however, it strongly advocates the presence of the body – not the cremated remains – for the funeral Mass, with cremation to take place later. Scattering is not accepted by the Catholic Church. You may wish to consult clergy or our staff for guidance.

Should you have any questions or wish to schedule a visit, please feel free to contact us at 405-302-0021.